FAQ; Is ChargeSAFE similar to Apple Computer's MagSafe? ChargeSAFE provides releasable connector functionality for PC laptops in an aftermarket product. Unlike Apple's MagSafe, ChargeSAFE does not contain magnets. ChargeSafe uses a Patent Pending mechanical snap feature design. Should I use my OEM power adapter? Yes, power is provided by the OEM power adapter. We highly recommend using the original OEM power adapters with ChargeSAFE, although it will work with some aftermarket power adapters as well. Is ChargeSAFE easy to use? It's super easy, see the "How it Works" web page if you need help. What computers will it work on? ChargeSafe works on most on new HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, Gateway and Sony laptops. Other brands are coming soon. Where is it made? ChargeSAFE is designed and assembled in Silicon Valley in California, USA. Components are manufactured in the USA and abroad. What's the warranty? 30 day limited warranty. Why do some connectors have 3 pins and others 2 pins? 3 pin connectors have a sensing pin to detect a voltage from OEM power adapters. 2 pin connectors only have power and ground pins and do not use a sensing pin.Is there a list of supported laptops? We have compliled a partial list here.

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